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Wondering how you can get new customers for your business?

Without customers, you don’t have a business. It’s as simple as that. However, it can be hard to find customers; they don’t just magically appear. I have to work hard to find the authors and writers I work with.

So you have to do the same. You have to find ways to get your name out there, grab their interest, get them to purchase something from you, and then ensure they keep coming back again and again. This isn’t going to be a simple mission, but you can keep reading to make your life easier. Here are five ways to get new customers (and keep them too).


Identify The Ideal Customer

It’s difficult to appeal to someone if you don’t know who this someone is. It’s much more difficult to try to appeal to everyone,  so you have to figure out who your ideal customer is.

This will be someone that is going to be interested in your products or services and will want to buy them. Once you’ve identified your target group, you can figure out the best marketing strategies to reach them.


Have A Professional Image

You might have the best customer service and products on the planet, but if your business looks unprofessional, you are unlikely to get very many customers.

If you’re a brick and mortar business, your storefront should be clean and fit your brand. Inside should be tidy and have an eye-catching pos display. If you’re based online, your business should be easy to navigate and be accessible on smaller devices, like mobile phones and tablets.


Give Something Away

People love free stuff, regardless of what it is. If you have the funds to do so, giving something away for free is a great way to get new customers, and keep them coming back for more.

If your name and logo are on the product, even better. They’ll constantly be reminded of your business and will show it off to others too. If you can’t afford to give anything away, you could give away discount vouchers or coupons instead.

When I first set up this business in May 2016, I offered the first five customers a free proofread of their novel. It meant I could get a few reviews on my Facebook page and Google page, which is a great start.


Generate A Buzz

Going viral is a great way to bring in a lot of customers. Of course, it takes some planning and work to do this, but if you get it right, you can earn a lot of money. Luckily, there are plenty of things that you can do to generate a buzz, such as holding a contest, hosting an event, or holding a flash-sale.

Whatever you do, you need to post about it frequently on social media right up until it ends to grab as many people’s attention as possible.


Try Different Marketing Strategies

There are so many different marketing strategies out there that it’s probably impossible to try all of them. However, you should try as many different ones as you can to see what works for your business and brings in the most customers.

You’ll have to track the results after you’ve tried each one. Did one bring in 20 clicks to your website, but another one meant someone purchased a product or service? It’s more beneficial to you to go with the one that resulted in a purchase.

If there’s something that’s particularly successful, stick with it until it’s no longer working for you. After all, there’s no point in changing strategies if it’s doing its job.


Attracting new customers to your business will take a lot of work, but it will be worth it to see your business grow.



5 Ways to Get New Customers for your Business

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