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Staff. They are the essential people who keep our businesses running, especially happy staff.

Whilst we want out clients to be happy, happy staff are almost just as important. You staff will help to make your clients happy, so it’s all one big loop really. Without clients, our business would likely fall into anarchy relatively quickly. Even corporate giants such as Unilever or Disney would collapse under a lack of staff to execute their daily responsibilities.

This means that it’s in the interest of any firm to ensure that staff can complete their jobs to the best of their ability.

It’s not always apparent how to do this though. What works for one firm may not work for another. It’s important to find this distinction if you hope to develop in the way you intend. This article will help make life easier for your staff, hopefully giving you that extra bit of leverage when it comes to developing in the best way possible.



You should invest in training to get happy staff. No one likes to be stuck in a job they can’t progress or learn more in. Training will not only allow your staff to be more coherent in their daily approaches, but will give you peace of mind knowing how they are operating. When staff are informed, they are much more likely to think up creative solutions to problems, rather that deferring to a more highly qualified employee.

This saves your firm time, and certainly looks better on the part of the employer. It also allows employees to experience a higher daily satisfaction level, because people want to feel competent and secure in the jobs they perform.



Think of the daily life of your employee. How do they interact with your clients or customers? Do they sell on a daily basis? In this case, it might be more than worthwhile to get an awesome POS system to allow for a seamless integration between their social and business duties.

If they are more of a servicing professional, helping them train socially and in the finer aspects of your brand knowledge base could serve particularly well in gaining more clients.

Consider the interactions that your client experiences on a daily basis, and you are much more likely to develop a wholesome approach to the expectations you level on them. This will likely lessen staff turnover, and help you retain higher quality staff.


Work/Life Balance

It’s likely that whilst your staff do enjoy your brand, they are mostly there because of the paycheck. It seems taboo to mention that this is the prime motivator of most people. It almost seems rude to ask ‘what is the salary?’ in an interview setting. But why should it?

Work-life balance and payment are two of the most important things someone considers when taking a new job.

Aside from paying a reasonable amount of salary, you can also help these matters along by allowing your staff to take a little extra holiday in exchange for overtime, or simply allowing your HR to positively identify when a more subtle and catered approach is necessary.

While your workers are contractually obligated, a little accommodation here or there can truly bless you with an incredibly loyal staff base, and positivity that reverberates within your workplace.


With these tips, staff worldwide are sure to look at your firm with positive ambition.

How to Get Happy Staff
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