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Want to know more about caring for your employees?

As an entrepreneur and a small business owner, you might think that your main job is to come up with great ideas and set them in motion.

However, in order to set these ideas in motion, you need the staff backing you. They will help you put ideas into practice. Having happy, motivated staff will ensure that your business is running as efficiently as possible. Find out all about caring for your employees below.


Understanding Your Role as an Employer

As an employer, you have a duty of care to your staff. This includes making sure that they are well compensated for their work, being there to advise and encourage them in their career progression and knowing how and when to step in to solve problems with them–even when those problems may be awkward or personal.

If you are new to being an employer, you should brush up on your knowledge of employment law. You could consider either outsourcing your HR or assigning the role to one of your staff. It is usually best if you don’t take on this role yourself. Being the director of the company might make you less approachable than a manager who knows the team more personally.

The most important thing here is that all personnel issues can be quickly sorted out without causing anyone distress.

To maximise the welfare of your staff, the most important thing you can do is listen to their needs and concerns, however trivial or ridiculous they might seem to you. Having an ideas box or an open door policy will allow your staff to express themselves without fearing a confrontation.

If you can also action some of these suggestions. This will demonstrate that you aren’t just listening, you are also working on ideas that come to you.


A Great Boss Leads From the Front

Think of all the great big brand CEOs of the last few decades: Mark Zuckerberg, Richard Branson, Steve Jobs. What do they all have in common? They all lead their companies from the front, demonstrating and embodying the ideals of the business.

Even if you are just a tiny business on the outskirts of a small town, you can certainly follow their example and do a similar thing yourself.

There is nothing worse as an employee than to work for someone who rarely comes into the office and when they do, don’t catch anyone up on what they have been doing (or why they have a particularly glowing suntan).

If you want your employees to work hard for you, then you need to show them that you are also willing to pull your weight and will provide them with excellent opportunities to shine. Even if you are out of the office a lot to talk to prospective clients or research something else. You should make time to catch up on what you have missed by talking to your employees about their progress. Encourage them by showing that you care.


Developing Everyone’s Potential

You own your business, you have surpassed all expectations and you are completely in your element. You have fulfilled your career potential and now you can set yourself free to explore even greater things. But what about your employees?

Just taking a moment to remember that you aren’t the only one ploughing forwards and fulfilling your career potential will make you a much better leader. Everyone you employ will probably not want to stay in their original role and will either want to be promoted to enjoy greater responsibility or move on to find something new. With this in mind, you should always be looking at ways to help them.

Understanding your own mind and what you want should help you to put into perspective what your employees will all want too. If you are an ambitious, self-motivated person, why would your staff not be? You should be open-minded about helping people to achieve their personal and professional goals. But remember, not everyone wants to follow in your shoes.

Because if you want to have motivated, well-cared for staff, you need to allow them the opportunity to show off what they can do and always provide their very best. Even if it means that someday they might become a competitor, looking after their interests now will look after your own interests too.


Caring for your Employees

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