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Want to know how to keep your staff with you once you’ve hired them?

Business is constantly changing, but the one thing that hasn’t is the importance of your staff. I’m a one-man-band, and only rely on myself, which does make things easier. However, every now and then it would be nice to have someone help me to share the load.

Employers have to work very hard to keep their staff happy. Otherwise they risk unproductive staff and legal problems. If a staff member is unhappy, they’ll leave. But if they love you and your company, they could stay for ten years.

There’s lots of competition out there too. Other companies might be treating their workers like royalty, which makes that company a more desirable one to work for.

Here’s how to keep your staff once you’ve hired them for longer than just a few months.


Adding The Right Perks

In the past, jobs didn’t used to come with much more than a salary, some time off, and a small contribution to your pension. This made it easy to compare the benefits you get from them. In the modern market, though, this has changed. Companies which are able to offer perks like cars, vacations, and time off to spend with the kids will be much more popular amongst prospective employees than those without them.

Staff often enjoy days out too. Take them to the pub for a staff lunch, or do team building activities monthly to keep the relationships good.


Giving Fresh Challenges

When someone has the pick of the litter, it can be very easy to look for the most exciting, choosing what they want based on a future which thrills them. For employees, the work they will be doing on a daily basis will always impact their satisfaction in a role.

Those at the top of their field won’t want to be doing the same things they did when they first started the job. Instead, they will want to be challenged, and this will mean branching out into different work if you want to keep them captivated.


Using The Right Agent

Finally, as the last area to consider in all of this, not a lot of businesses use the right kind of agent when they are approaching this sort of work. It can be easy to assume that getting good employees is a simple matter of posting some adverts.

In reality, though, the work of a company like is much more complicated. To take it out of your hands completely, there are loads of companies out there which offer services to help with your recruitment. With their skills behind you, it should be nice and easy to get the right person for the role.


With all of this in mind, you should be feeling inspired to get out there and start finding the very best people for your business. You’ll have to work to keep your staff happy, but it’s a good long-term investment of your time.

How to Keep your Staff

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