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If your business has a building, then you need to protect your property against fire.

With the rise of E-commerce and online retail, more and more business owners are focusing their attention on establishing themselves online. This is happening so much that they might often start to neglect their brick and mortar properties.

But this is such a major mistake to make! Brick and mortar companies still have so much appeal, as buyers still travel in droves to the high street in order to spend their disposable income. As long as you’re catering to them, you have a certain degree of responsibility for their health, safety, and well being.

Not only do you want to ensure that your customers have a great experience while they spend time in your commercial space, but you also want to avoid potentially expensive lawsuits and court cases that could develop should someone harm themselves or experience illness due to a fault on your part.

So, how can you ensure that your commercial space is as safe as can be? As this is a rather broad subject area, let’s focus on one topic to start with: fire. Here are a few ideas to get you started in the right direction when it comes to all things fire safety.


Install and Check Smoke Alarms

A huge threat to any property, whether residential or commercial, is fire. Fire can prove extremely destructive. Not only will it wipe out your space and stock, but it could pose a threat to your life, the lives of your staff members, and the lives of your customers and general members of the public too.

So it’s essential that you have high-quality smoke alarms installed to protect your property against fire. These must be checked regularly to ensure the batteries work.

Once the alarm has been fitted, consider fire alarm servicing. This will ensure that your systems are up to date and compliant with current safety laws, rules, and regulations. It’ll mean peace of mind at all times.


Using Signage Correctly

If you do experience a fire, customers and other individuals will need to be informed as to where the nearest fire exit is. Especially if they’re unsure of the layout of your shop.

This is where signage comes into play. We are all familiar with fire escape signs, but they will not necessarily come with your premises. But it’s absolutely something you should invest in. Rather than plain signs, consider options that will glow in the dark too.

This means that if there is a power cut, people will still be able to gauge where they are and where they should head. You should also consider smaller signs outlining fire evacuation procedure, with information such as designated meeting points and advice like “do not use the elevators” or “avoid running”.


Tell Your Staff

The simplest way of letting your staff know what to do in the event of a fire is tell them. Let them know where the fire evacuation point is and the quickest way to get there.


These are just a couple of ways that you can help to make your commercial property as safe as possible in case of fire. Remember that other basics should be in place too. This includes fire extinguishers. You should train all staff members in when and how to use these appropriately and effectively.

The better prepared you, your property, and your staff are, the smoother proceedings should go should disaster actually strike!

Protect your Property Against Fire

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