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Making your business environmentally friendly might not be your top priority, but maybe it should be.

As humans, our actions have had devastating effects on our environment. Global warming, acid rain, animal extinction due to over hunting (or loss of their habitat) are all things we’re guilty of as a species.

In more recent years, we have learned what the consequences of our actions are. We’re now in the know about what we need to do to protect our environment and planet. As a business owner, there are things you should be doing to keep your business environmentally friendly. Here are some ideas.


Recycle Carefully

We all know the importance of recycling.

At home, you probably recycle carefully by separating things into the correct bins each week or take more specialist things to your local recycling centre. However, does this continue through to your business?

As a company owner, you have a responsibility to ensure that you’re recycling correctly. If each of us makes an effort to do so then the effects worldwide are tremendous. If your company produces a lot of waste, how about using a compactor which gives you compartments for different types of recyclable materials? This makes it easy to dispose of the waste from your business in the correct way.

Another option would be to arrange a local metal collection so that a company can remove and recycle any scrap metal for you. Even if you just run an office, at the very least you should have bins for different types of recycling. Staff should be briefed on where things go and how to use them properly.


Buy Refillable Over Disposable

It’s come to light in the media in recent times about the issue of plastic, and what a massively detrimental effect it’s having on the planet.

There are huge ‘islands’ of plastic forming in the ocean. It’s destroying wildlife and is even ending up in our food chain in small (for now) amounts which will have significant health risks.

As business owners, one thing we can aim to do to ensure we’re doing our bit is to use less plastic. Things like single-use pens and printer cartridges are used in large numbers in business over the year. So why not use refillable instead of disposable items? If you manufacture items, look into alternative packaging methods that don’t use plastic or much less. 


Aim to Go Paper- Free

Despite the fact that we live in a digital age, we still use far too much paper.

Paper use accounts for deforestation. Disposing of waste paper also involves filling up landfill or incineration which releases toxic chemicals.

All of these are of course terrible for the environment and can be avoided. Lots of companies aim to be paper free within the coming years, and this is something you could aim to do as well.

Don’t make printing receipts or sending invoices on paper the standard option. You could of course print these if requested by the customer, but make digital formats such as sending via email the preferred choice.

Right now, a completely paper free business might be a little way off but you can certainly take steps to get there, and be aware that this is a goal you intend to reach in years to come.


Make your Business Environmentally Friendly
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