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As a business, you know the importance of visibility whether this is at a local, national or international level, and the internet is the way to do this. 

The past decade has seen an explosion of technological advances that have seemingly made the world a much smaller place. Whip open a laptop or head onto your smartphone, and you could be checking out a small startup in Silicon Valley within two or three clicks.

While many companies can rely on their iconic branding alone to be visible, most smaller entities need an online presence to compete with their industry rivals.

Take a look at how you can maximise your visibility online to ensure your business thrives.


Social Media

You either love it or hate it. Social media comes in the form of a Facebook page, Twitter feed or Instagram photos to show the world what your business is all about.

Social media has given companies a more informal way of communicating with their loyal customer base and a nifty little marketing tool to attract new ones. You should be utilising social media and wringing it for all it’s worth.

You can upload sneak previews to new products before launch, keep customers aware of ongoing offers and discounts, and generate an online buzz for your business.

Social media feeds are the glue that holds every facet of your business together from a website to a blog and from a Snapchat feed to an online shopping platform.

Keep posting to the internet regularly and upload relevant and interesting content for your followers to share, retweet and like.



Although you might not know your coding from your cauliflower, it’s important to have a nuanced website that is meta-tagged to within an inch of its life, and that shows up high on Google search rankings.

If you aren’t a dab hand at creating your own website, you should look into outsourced high quality yet affordable web design that will bring your branding to life.

Through the use of prose, images, and logos, you can create a hub for your startup. Your website will often be the first thing potential customers view, so it’s essential to create the right impression. A more professional homepage will result in more traffic and a higher volume of sales.



While online marketing is vital in the twenty-first century, you still can’t relinquish the broadcast, print and billboard marketing of days gone by.

Large multinational companies still use TV commercials, newspaper adverts, and leaflets to market their products and services. The internet is a good start, but there is still a need to stay local as well as online when it comes to your marketing.



While it is vital to have a visible internet presence to maintain a successful business, it’s also important to harness the power of the physical community around you to get your name out there.

A business can rarely be successful without both. So, hand out some flyers at your next trade fair, talk to people face to face and ensure that your website and social media feeds complement your broader marketing strategy.


How the Internet Will Help Your Business

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