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There are always hackers and plagiarists out there checking out other people’s blogs to see what they can steal and post elsewhere.

They are trying to make money from your work, without having to do much themselves. You can make this very easy for them, or you can take a few simple steps to increase your blog security. 



Taking regular backups of your blog is vital. A hacker could wipe out everything you have done in one foul swoop, but if you have it backed up you can at least try to reload it. This would work some of the time, but to be really certain of being able to repost your work you should look at disaster recovery solutions. Then you can be certain that everything will not be lost forever.

If you have worked hard to create a successful blog the last thing you want is viewers seeing an empty page and thinking you have ceased. Good disaster recovery solutions can get you up and running again in a very short time, so limits the amount of damage a hacker can do.

This is so important that you should set your computer to carry out backups on a regular basis, and then it cannot be forgotten.



Only use strong passwords and make sure they include upper and lower case letters as well as numbers and special characters. Change your passwords often, and limit the number of attempts that can be made at getting your password right. Do not use passwords that are dates of birth or anything similar. They may be easier for you to remember, but they are also easier for hackers to discover.

If you are using WordPress for example, hackers will try to gain access through your login page. You can use the WordPress Password Protect Directories to make your blog harder to get into.


Google Authorship

Search engines are clever, and if they come across duplicate content they will usually rank the oldest above the newest upload. This is not always enough protection though. Google Authorship will confirm you as the author of a piece of work, and make it less likely that you will be ranked lower if this is copied and posted elsewhere.


Firewalls and Anti-Virus

Firewalls are a software program that helps detect hackers and viruses and protects your hardware from them. They form a barrier between trusted and untrusted traffic, filtering out anything that could harm your blog.

Anti-virus software will also help to keep viruses and worms away from your blog and reduce the risk of it being damaged. You should always keep your ant-virus, as well as any other programs, updated as this will help to ensure that the latest security concerns are protected against.


Use As Much Security As Possible

The measures mentioned above are far from the whole story and there are many more blog security measures you can take to help protect your site. There are other things you can do depending on your host and programs. Use as many measures as you can to keep your work safe. The harder you make life for the hackers the better.


Improving your Blog Security

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