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Bricks and mortar retailers face a lot of competition these days, and struggling to boost footfall can be the death of a business.

Retailers have to contend with supermarkets and the competition several doors away from them. There is the threat of the online shopping giants who are responsible for a lot of high street closures. If you’re the owner of a retail store and suffering from a lack of business, you aren’t alone.

However, there are ways to boost footfall to your store. You need to get customers to notice what you have to offer, and hopefully get them inside to increase your takings.


#1: Improve your storefront

To get people to notice your shop, you need to do all you can on the outside to make it stand out.

While a slap of paint wouldn’t go amiss, you should also consider signage. From the top of the building to the lettering you have on your door and window, you need to create something that will catch the eyes of shoppers. Neon is often the most eye-catching form of lettering. While you may not have the skills to put something up yourself, you should follow the link if you’re looking for a neon sign maker.

The other thing to consider is your window display. Don’t over-clutter it. You need to leave some space for shoppers to gaze inside at what you have to offer. Then display some of your best items behind the store window, as a taster of the other things you have on offer.


#2: Get onto the street

If the customers aren’t coming into you, then do the sensible thing and get out there to engage with them. Hand out flyers to alert shoppers to special deals you have. Chat with them, and find out more about their shopping needs. Offer a demonstration of your product, and give away free samples of some of your less expensive items.

As a retailer, you really can’t be shy, so take the reverse step over the threshold, or employ others to stand and market your business from outside the front door.

Maybe you have a small cafe next door. You can create a casual deal with the cafe, that you’ll send people to them for lunch after a day of shopping. In return, ask if you can place some of your business cards on their tables.


#3: Improve your location

If you have the means to move location, then do it. This is especially true when your shop is located away from the steady stream of customers in your locale, as you need to be somewhere they are likely to spot you in the first place.

However, as we mentioned in one of our previous articles, improving your location also means finding somewhere to fit your shop’s aesthetic. A high-end boutique, for example, does not fit in well with a row of pound stores, and vice versa. Think carefully, do your research, and consider the natural place for your business to boost footfall.  


#4: Go online

Rather than fall prey to Amazon and eBay, utilise their services and sell your products from their online services. While there might be low footfall on the shopping street, there is an abundance of customers on the virtual streets.

You might also set up your own website, or use an ecommerce site to showcase your store online. You should also market yourself online, using social media and email to connect with your customers, promoting offers and items of interest to attract them to both your online and offline store.


We hope our ideas helped, but let us know what you think. And if you have ideas of your own to share with our retail-owning readers, be sure to let us know. Thanks for reading!


4 Ways to Boost Footfall

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