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All good businesses run on the strength of their amazing employees.

Without good staff, things will grind to a halt and productivity will drop. Having motivated staff that care about the company is also the only way that you’ll generate new ideas to push the business forward.

Attracting the best people for the job is part of the struggle. But once you’ve got them there, you need to keep them. Remember that these are high-achieving people that can easily land a job elsewhere so if you don’t give them a reason to stay, they’ll jump ship and you’ll lose your best people.

To stop that from happening, here are some ways to keep your amazing employees. 


Make Them Feel Valued

People are motivated by a lot of different things. For some people it’s money, for others it’s a sense of achievement in their work.

But one thing that all employees have in common is that they don’t want to work somewhere if they don’t feel valued. That’s why it’s so important that you care for your employees and let them know that you have their best interests at heart.

If you treat them as resources and work them as hard as possible without considering their mental and physical health, and never letting them know that you’re happy with their work, they’re likely to look for another company that will. It only takes 5 minutes to thank an employee for their work, but it makes all the difference.

You should also keep an eye on people and look for any signs that they might be overworked. If you think that they are, suggest they take a few days off to recharge their batteries.


Good HR Processes

The human resources department is more important than ever because it protects employees in the workplace. If they feel uncomfortable with anything that’s happened at work or they have a dispute with a fellow employee, they need to feel as though you’re there to help them.

Equally, they need some protection against things like discrimination and unfair pay. If you aren’t using the services of a good HR agency to provide those services, they’ll feel powerless. If they don’t feel like their complaints will be heard, it can create an incredibly negative work environment for them and they’re likely to leave.


Opportunities For Progression

Your best employees are likely to be goal oriented and highly motivated people. They aren’t going to be content working in the same position for years without any new challenges. They’ll quickly become bored and leave the company. That’s why it’s so important that you offer them good opportunities for progression.

Always promote within the company and only fill positions with outside candidates if you have no other option. Knowing that they’ll be able to move forward within the company is likely to keep them there. If they don’t feel like their career can go anywhere then they’ll start looking for better positions at other companies.


Quick staff turnover is one of the worst things for any company so make sure you take these steps to keep your amazing employees.

How to Keep Amazing Employees

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