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Do you hear your alarm clock go off in the morning, and wish as hard as you can that it would just be the night before again?

A lot of people hate getting up for work, even people like you and me! So, think how much your employees are going to dread it.

They’re earning far less than us, they have the jobs that we wouldn’t like to do ourselves, and a lot of companies create the most life-draining office experience. The result is a high turnover of staff, and a low level of motivation in the office. So, we’re here to show you what a more enjoyable work environment can make, and why you should be switching up your office right now!


A Strong Bond

If the office environment is fun, and you take on a relaxed approach to the way that you manage your employees, the bond you’re going to have with them is going to be so much stronger.

You wouldn’t believe the amount of employees who don’t put any effort into their working day, because they simply don’t like the person they’re working for. If you and all of your employees have a strong bond, they’re so much more likely to look up to you for guidance, rather than shying away every time you walk in the office.

The other bond an enjoyable work environment will create is between your staff. If you allow your staff to have a bit of a laugh and a joke with each other, they’re going to understand each other on a deeper level and if they’re all in an enjoyable work place, they’re going to work harder. Loyalty to the company will also grow, so you’re less likely to have to deal with employees leaving you left right and centre!


Fun All Year Round

Office fun all year round is so important. It can’t just be a one off thing, and then you go back to a regimented style. You need to get people happy and focused all year round.

Take one of the happiest times of the year for example, Christmas. It’s so easy to get people pumped and excited by putting up displays, doing secret santa, dress down days etc. If you check out the bespoke Christmas displays, you’ll be able to find some that will really get them in the Christmas spirit. It’s things like this that you need to do all year round though.

In the summer, have a beach themed office for a week. At Easter, organise an Easter egg hunt. It’s just something different that so many companies out there don’t do!


Productivity Levels

Productivity levels are bound to drop from time to time. Whether it’s because they’re losing interest in the job, or because something outside of work is affecting them. So, knowing that they’re coming into an enjoyable work place should turn this around a little bit. It can help boost productivity levels, and if you notice someone’s are dropping, it should be you that actively finds out the reason, and helps to do something about it!

Creating a More Enjoyable Work Environment

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