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If you don’t have a home office, but you’re self employed and work from home, then you’re not doing it right.

If you’re self employed, you’ll already know how hard it is to stay focused whilst working from home, especially if there are many distractions in the home. Even if it’s not family, that distraction could be your bed, or your TV, or just anything that’s going to get you away from your desk.

However, having a home office puts you in the zone, and gives you a space away from the home environment. But, just because you’re in the zone, it doesn’t mean that positive vibes are going to be felt in your home office.

Just like a real office, the stress levels can be high, and that’s what we want to try and reduce. Here’s how we think you can create a positive home office.


The Design Makes A Difference

The design of your home office definitely does make a difference. If you’re closed off, with hardly any natural light, and hardly any motivating and interesting decor, then you’ve got yourself a typical home office.

How it looks can totally determine the vibes of your home office. For example, you could go for the quirky and interesting interior decor idea, and it’ll help to add a bit of flare to your working day. Rather than just seeing a desk and a computer, you’ll have something interesting to look at.

If you want to go really funky, you could go for an industrial furniture set, along with bright and interesting decor. Go for white walls and have one as a feature wall. Make the room interesting and resourceful with an antique bookshelf, and you’ve got yourself a positive home office that will make a difference to your mood!


Calming Additions

Whether we’re talking about a corporate office or a positive home office, it’s never going to be calm all of the time.

When work is involved, stress is involved, and we know a few things that will bust it. For one, you could introduce some plant life into the room. Indoor plants are known to relax, as well as bring some colour into the room. You could also have lavender scents around the room, which is known for its relaxing properties.

Finally, you could play some relaxing music whilst you work. For some people, this is just a distraction. But for others, it’s the only way to keep a straight head when trying to work!


Your Approach To Work

If you work from home, then it’s only your workload and you that will ruin the positive home office vibe. It might be worth considering whether your approach to work is the problem. If you go in with a negative attitude, the day is only going to go downhill.

Try and put a positive spin on the day. Focus on getting things done as quickly as possible so you have the rest of the day to enjoy!

Creating a Positive Home Office

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