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Have you ever thought about using wholesale supplies for your wedding? Well you should.

Weddings are colossal expenditures. They are hugely expensive because it’s usually about making the perfect day.

Whenever something so bespoke is created, it’s bound to be incredibly pricey. No wonder it’s a trillion dollar industry, despite marriages becoming less and less frequent. Everything has to be thought of and supplied to make it the best day of your life. Leaving absolutely no stone unturned, it’s one of the most complex things you’ll ever do.

The venue, the clothes, food, transport, safety, services, music and much more all have to be bought simultaneously. One thing latches onto another and together, they all create the atmosphere for your wedding.

How one may wish they had the world at their feet and could buy anything they wanted. It’s not that easy for many people. Although you should make the effort to make your wedding special, if it’s bank busting, what’s the point of it?

If you’re conscious of this fact and don’t want to dig too deep into your pockets to fund your official coupling with the person you love, you can buy use wholesale supplies to buy certain things and save a lot of money.



Sectioning the guests

Usually, at weddings, there are tiers when it comes to the seating of the guests. You would like to keep people that are closer to you nearer to you. They may be part of the closer group such as groomsmen and bridesmaids so they should be sat in a place of prominence.

This means their tables should be different to everyone else’s. You can buy and or rent wholesale tables that are generic, such as rounds and rectangles which can be the mainstay of all your guests.

Get the basic styles of table out of the way by buying or renting them in bulk. Wholesale tables are not necessarily made from lesser quality material. It depends on who you are going to be using as a supplier or seller. Wooden tables are not generally going to be the wholesale style of choice because they will cost a little more than metal and plastic. These should be reserved for the people that are closer to you and of course your own table.

However, this could only be a total of three, since it’s your table, which has your new partner and both of your families. The other two are for each of your friends. Therefore your focus to save money should be on the tables for your guests. Don’t forget that tables should be covered with linen so don’t worry too much about the lesser quality being seen.



Floral arrangements

If you need more convincing that weddings are extremely complicated events, the mere act of having flower arrangements is going to tip you over the edge.

Think about the different settings and meanings flowers will have, at the various points where they will be displayed. The bridesmaids and the bride will be holding flowers. The children that make their pathway will be sprinkling flower petals on their way to the altar. The archways of flowers that everyone walks under when entering the church and the venue will be one of the best displays of your floral choices. Not to mention, other places such as on the dining tables, surrounding the venue hall, and even on the transportation car.

Buying wholesale supplies such as flowers for the largest floral expense, which is for the tables in the dining hall, is going to save you a lot of money.

Financially, flowers are some of the most complex purchases as they pertain to seasons, specific locations around the world, sizes and quality. You can only get certain flowers from certain parts of the world. Therefore if you go to many different florists they will charge you prices that are entirely unique and since their ranges will be unique in terms of product value, the expenses will be steep.

Buying bulk flowers is far cheaper and keeps the consistency of your floral design for your wedding.



Sending out notice

The first task for any engaged couple that plans on getting married soon is to send out invites. These go far and wide across the nation, and perhaps fly to the ends of the earth to their recipients.

Planning a large wedding means you’ll have a lot of guests you need to inform. Pure Invitations collection of wedding invites is great for buying in wholesale. The designs they have vary, but the prices are incredibly reasonable.

For example, if you want to show your guests you are going to have an elegant bejewelled style of wedding, you can order the glitter ruby and belly band invitation. It comes in several different colour schemes that you can mix to make your invite unique.

On the other hand if you want something a little more modern, you can go for the angel orchid parcel invitation that has a flower displayed on the front. It comes in one colour so the price is cheaper than some of the others. There are so many collections to choose from, different tones, images, styles, designs and colour schemes. You really are spoiled.

Since the price for one is so low, buying wholesale will be a great saving, often one which some people don’t even include as one of their wedding expenses yet it can be a huge chunk of money cut out from your funds. This is a perfect option for someone who wants to have a large wedding, with hundreds of people attending, wants their invitation to look unique and therefore be customisable, but not ultimately leave a hole in your wedding funds as that money could be spent on the things for the wedding day itself.


There are certain things about weddings that are generic and have a wide scale of impact, albeit subtle. Here you can save a lot of money and spend it somewhere else.

The flowers are part of the dining experience, but they shouldn’t put a strain on the budget for the dining experience. Buying arrangements in bulk for the majority of tables, is the way to avoid this. Invitations could range in the hundreds of dollars or thousands, depending on the style, quality and number of people you’re sending them out to. Again, buying wholesale supplies is going to allow you to save money and use it somewhere else more important.


Using Wholesale Supplies for your Wedding

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