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Now and then, we must all attend family events.

They can differ in their purpose and emotional perspective. We’ve all been to painful funerals, beautiful weddings, and a range of other organised events that our family enjoy together.

It might be that for the first time, you’ve found yourself organising an event like this. This can sometimes be quite worrisome, perhaps even more so than putting on an event for strangers. You want to do well, and you want people to remember the event as something wonderful in the scope of your family history. It’s more than possible to achieve this from top to bottom, but you need to keep the right criteria in mind to get you started. Without that, it’s easy to fall to rumination and finding it hard to make the right decisions.

Luckily, our advice should help you.


Purpose Of The Event

Keep the purpose of the event in mind. It’s likely you’re gathering together to celebrate or remember something, and this can influence most of the decisions you make. For example, it’s unlikely that you’ll pay for an open bar at a funeral. It can be incredibly worthwhile however to find the right event space for hire, as this can influence your decisions. Ensure you can seat everyone, that you have space for your main activities and also for children who might need engaging in toys or other distractions. The purpose of the event can influence the time you spend at the event space, the activities you take part in, the speeches you give, and the general decoration of the entire event.



Families usually like to eat. It might be worthwhile to hire a catering company to come in and provide their own options if allowed by the event space, or the space itself might offer excellent catering, which can be extremely convenient. Catering is essential to consider, because it can help children stay civil, can spur comfortable discussion between family members, and is generally known as one of the most intimate and loving activities a family can engage in together. This opens up the floor for speeches, jokes, and mild fun.


Family Feuds

It can be important to tailor the invitee list appropriately. Family events can be known for rambunctious conflicts that sometimes end in widening a family feud. Be sure to police this at the door, and ensure that your family does nothing to enhance any difficulties currently experienced. This is humble advice to keep watch over, because we all know how family events can sometimes go, and that’s neither fair to the event space nor the purpose of your gathering.



It can be worthwhile to consider who will take on the cost of this affair. You might split the cost between your attendant adults, or only ensure the organisers pay for it. Either way, ensure you’re not lumped with the final sum alone, as this can be dramatically unfair and lead to resentment.


With these simple pointers towards crafting a family event to remember, you’re sure to develop your best planning and enjoy this time tremendously.

A Family Event to Remember

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