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Freelance writing can be tough.

Sure, it can be a lot of fun, and it definitely comes with its pluses, but actually generating the business and making a success out of what you’re doing can be tough. You always have to be on top of your game. Pitching and looking for new clients, pushing your writing abilities and showcasing what you can do. But your finances can also be tough to manage to know. So it’s always a good idea to try and work on growing your business and pretty much guaranteeing yourself an income where you can. Let’s take a look at five ways you can do this.


  1. Start A Blog

If you don’t already have a blog, then you’re going to want to think about starting one. This is a great way to market your business and show off your writing skills. You can write within your niche or you can write about your craft. Then you have content to share on social media too.


  1. Start A Newsletter

As a step on from that, you might also want to think about starting a newsletter too. And if you’re not sure how, there’s plenty of software for newsletters options that can help you. This is a really great way to market your business and keep your audience engaged. But not only that, it gives you an opportunity to talk to your audience more directly. Here, you can find out what kind of work they want from you, which can then help you to sell to them more effectively.


  1. Get Real On Social Media

Now, it’s highly likely that you already have some kind of a social media presence. But if you don’t, this is where you start. And if you do, then you need to get real with what you’re doing. Show some personality online. Show yourself, talk in videos, and just showcase who you are so that your audience and potential customers can connect with you.


  1. Network

From here, you should also start to think about networking in real life too. Because if you’re able to network with other writers, you never know what kind of opportunities might come your way. But also, you could look to network with other entrepreneurs and professionals, or people in your area. Because you never know what writing work could come your way when you network.


  1. Market To Other Writers

And then, you also have the option to turn to other writers and market to them. It’s highly likely that you already have an ideal customer profile. And they will often be business owners or entrepreneurs in a certain market or area. But you don’t just want to focus on them. Because there may be new writers out there that need help and they will turn to experienced writers for it. So here, you could market free information to them, with the idea of then going to sell ebooks or courses to them in the future. This could be your ticket to topping up your income.


5 Ways to Transform Your Writing Business

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