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If you’re reading this and you’re home happy at the minute, then you’re probably reading the wrong article.

However, if like me, you have a tough time feeling the love for your home, then this article is for you.

All you ever seem to have is house envy. But you don’t know what to do with your own home without spending lots of money. Your bills seem to come out quicker than more money goes in, and you’re often left feeling a tad deflated.

We sound pretty negative, but there are plenty of benefits to having your own home. But how can you be home happy without spending too much money?


That Dreaded House Envy

Once you’ve got house envy, it’s easy to think of it like a bug. All you can think about is other homes, and it can actually consume your life if you really aren’t happy with your own home. If your house envy is so extreme, then why not price up a move. It’s not as expensive as you might think, and if it means you’re able to secure your dream home, then why not. All you would have to do is talk to property solicitors to find out the costs involved, and how much they think your home would be worth. You’d probably pay the same to move home as you would to have a room or two renovated in your house, which would be the only other option if you really weren’t happy in your home. Although to reduce your home envy, we would definitely recommend that you get yourself off those housing websites!


Is It The Price We Pay!?

How can we ever be happy with our homes if we’re just not happy with the price we’re paying? Well, it’s a reality that so many people face. Running a home and trying to raise a family in particular can be tough. All we can recommend to improve your happiness here, is to become a little bit more frugal. Simple things like the TV box you have. If you’re paying close to a hundred a month for the most expensive package, you have to question whether you need it. You could get the standard and cheap freeview package, and get Netflix for £7.99 a month! There’s always ways to cut back, so never overspend on your home.


Are You Just Too Picky?

Sometimes we think people are just too picky with their homes. There are people that move around so many times in their lifetime because they’re just not happy with what they see. But unless you have your own home built for you, to your exact liking, then you might never be happy. But we’re not all filthy rich, and this isn’t an option for most of us. So rather than focusing on what you don’t have, love what you do have and how far you have come in life to get your own home.

Are You Home Happy?

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