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Cure Home Boredom when Working

If you work at home, or if you’re a full-time mum perhaps, then home boredom is definitely going to be a problem for you from time to time.

This is more likely to apply to those of you who work from home for a living. Sometimes you realise that all you have to do is stare at the same four walls all day, and try your hardest to resist some of the distractions around the home, which we know can be an absolute nightmare.

When you work from home, you lose that socialisation of the office life that some of us liked so much. So to go from being around people all the time, to only being able to listen to the voice in your head, can play on your mind a little bit.

But at the same time, working from home is absolute freedom, and to go back into an office environment where all you would be doing is being bossed around all day, just isn’t an option for some of you.

So, if you’re stuck at home all day and are looking for a way out of home boredom, read our top tips, and let us change your working day.

The Benefits Of Regular Breaks

Regular breaks are something you should definitely be taking advantage of.

In an office you’re forced to sit at your desk all day, until eventually it’s your time to have your break. Being forced to sit at the office all day definitely has a negative impact on work.


All of you will know that feeling in the afternoon where your eyes just won’t stop closing, and all you can think about is how much you need a little power nap to get through the day again.

But as soon as you stand up from your desk, that tired feeling is lifted, and you feel like you can work the whole day again. But as soon as you sit down, you’re heading right back to the sleepy place you just came from. It’s a ritual that most of us in an office go through every working day.

But when you work from home you can get rid of all of that. We usually go sleepy because we’ve been sat down all day, or we’re just immensely bored.

So, take a break every hour to go and make a drink, or to go and do something around the home. If it gets you away from work, it immediately eliminates this tired and bored feeling that you just can’t shake. Plus, when you know you have something to work towards such as an hourly break, you’re so much more inclined to push through the work you’re doing quicker so you know you’re going to get it done on time.

A Little Distraction

A little distraction never hurt anyone, and if you’re sat at home all day every day, you’re definitely going to need one. A good distraction is actually going to be your phone, even though you probably know that already. But just scrolling through social media like we know you’re probably all too tempted to do, isn’t going to get your mind off work properly.

You’re not stimulating it enough to take away that boredom, but there is more that you can be doing. If you have a look at this website, you’ll find a great distraction inside that you could play each day. If you’re playing little games to pass the time, your mind is preoccupied with something you actually have to focus on. It can become more of a hobby rather than a distraction. As long as you don’t get hooked on it and let it draw you away from your work too much, then you’ll never have a problem!

Another thing you could do is something like a crossword puzzle. It might sound a little old fashioned to sit and do something like this, but it’s a great way to keep your mind engaged and ticking away, and it definitely gets you distracted from work life for a little while.

Have An Evening Escape

If you’ve been sat at your home desk all day, the last thing you should think about doing is spending the whole evening in the house.

If you’re in the house all day it’s only going to create some problems. You’ll only associate your home with work, so to switch off in the home it can become a little hard. One evening escape we definitely would recommend is going to the gym. It’s so good for winding down for the day, and it obviously does help to keep you in shape. You don’t necessarily even have to go to do something really energetic.

You could do your own calm workout, or you could do one of the gym classes that will likely be available to you. You can then come home and look forward to relaxing, knowing that you’ve got out of the house for some of the day!

Get Out Of The House To Work!

Who says that just because you work from home, that you have to work at home? It might be a luxury to begin with, but as we’ve said, it can actually become super hard to work from home and keep your brain engaged. Going and sitting on the sofa to watch TV is far too tempting.

So, why not go to your local coffee shop to do the work. When you’re outside of that home environment it’s so much easier to focus, and you don’t feel like you’re being trapped in the house all day. You don’t have to spend tons in the coffee shop either. You could simply spend the morning there just to get yourself out of the house and into a more productive environment. If the coffee shop is too loud for you, you could even go to your local library as long as they have some computers.

Hopefully we’ve given you a few great tips that can cure your home boredom!