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The conscious mind makes only 5% of decisions.

The other 95% happens subconsciously without much awareness even from ourselves. To marketers, this is a revealing statistic at it proves shoppers don’t think before they act. The majority of customers act on instinct, and if it’s possible to tap into this, then it’s easier to get people to make conversions.

The first step is to understand this is the case as conventional logic dictates people are informed. Still, being able to quote a stat won’t get you far. To use it to your advantage, it’s important to know the subconscious marketing tactics underneath.

Call Them To Action

Slogans and mottos can be excellent reminders that they need to make a purchase. Take Nike as the perfect example. “Just Do It” isn’t a simple three-word phrase – it’s a command. Customers see it on t-shirts and jumpers and jogging bottoms and are compelled to act. And, they do it without realising Nike is trying to manipulate their actions. Even the swoosh is an active logo. The most important part of a call to action is to make it persuasive. They already want to make a purchase, so give them a reason to follow through and be decisive.

Represent The Home

Any product or service which relates to the home is going to be wildly successful. Andrex did it with the use of a puppy. With Labradors on the screen, they reinforced the image that their toilet paper was a member of the family. It was effective to the point where people now call golden retrievers and Labradors “the Andrex dog.” The marketing effort should centre on the features of the home and then relate them back to the product. For example, the dogs had soft fur that links to the comfy toilet paper.

Give Them Away

And this doesn’t only apply to freebies. Yes, a promotional pen or USB stick will stick around the house and remind them of the brand. However, it won’t get much use even if it goes nowhere for a long time. Instead, it’s better to be in their face for a short space and consolidate the marketing effort. Coffee shops and food and drink chains in general, do this with printed paper cups and an adorning logo. They may throw it away, yet they’ll use it more often in half an hour than they will a pencil. Plus, it reinforces the brand as they buy multiple cups every day.

Use Quality Packaging

The package is a reflection of the product, something Ferrero Rocher understands perfectly. Their chocolates are advertised as an event; it’s exciting to open the box and tear into the tin foil. Plus, the use of the colour gold only makes you think they are extra luxurious. Even the chocolate itself is on point as it’s dark and smooth. By investing in quality materials, it’s easy to convince shoppers they should buy a product because it’s elegant and stylish.

And, there is no need to speak a word.

Subconscious Marketing Techniques

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