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When coming up with the ideas for business models that making a bigger profit than the average startup, what we have to remember is that it’s not just about generating money, when we are crafting a business model that’s viable and pliable, we can lose sight of the real reason we are doing this in the first place.

While the various components of business require focus on the marketing, the product, as well as the ability to maintain the finances effectively, we have to ensure that we’re focused on the customer. In education, customer service or any industry, we have to make sure that the product we’re delivering is suitable for the target market. Without this, it doesn’t bode well. So what we have to do is ensure that you refocus on your customers. So how do we do this?

Focus On The Experience

The customer experience, whatever the business, is vital. If you aren’t focused on the customer it will become painfully obvious. Customers will begin to spread bad word of mouth, and they won’t be backward in coming forward with regards to feedback.

This is the bane of the modern business, especially as far as social media is concerned. So you need to go through the customer experience from their perspective. It’s not just about delivery service with a smile, but it’s about providing a consistent experience. And if you are predominantly online, and you are providing a service that people pay for, it’s these little aspects that will generate a customer friendly user interface.

Having a website that will accept AliPay and various other components of online payments will mean that you are focused on the customer and what they need. There is nothing more annoying than, from the customers perspective, if they go through the entire rigmarole of purchasing items online, only to find that the payment won’t go through at the last hurdle. This is one small example of how you can lose a customer in the space of 5 minutes!

Learn From Your Mistakes

It’s simple but surprising that so many businesses decide to ignore problems. Or rather, they decide to firefight these issues, instead of focusing on the root cause. To learn from your mistakes means you are, in the eyes of the customer, striving for a better business, and that your customers actually matter to you.

When a customer is unhappy, you can either compensate them for their issues, or you can thoroughly annoy them by arguing. But for those businesses that constantly bang heads with their customers, it doesn’t result in a good public image. It’s far better for you to learn from the mistakes you’ve made, so you can create a business that is constantly striving for improvement.

It’s easy in theory, but difficult in practice, we focusing your priorities back onto the customer require a lot of change, as well as addressing some uncomfortable home truths about your business, not necessarily in terms of the product, but if you don’t treat the customer well, you will soon hear about it!

Refocus on your Customers

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