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The new year is now well and truly up and running, which is why it’s time to start taking your goal of launching a business more seriously and look at some business realities.

Unfortunately, if you’re not prepared to give it 110% right away, you will never accomplish your goals.

However, that’s only one of many harsh business realities that you need to be aware of. Here are five more:


#1. The banks probably won’t fund your venture

Launching a business can be achieved on a smaller budget than in previous generations. Still, you will need capital for your startup. Unfortunately, it’s unlikely to come from the banks as acquiring loans in this way is far tougher than it used to be. Crowdfunding, private investments, and self-funding are all options worth considering. As for ongoing cash flow, I’ve found invoice financing can be a great solution.


#2. Starting a business will consume a lot of your time

Even if you plan to start the venture as a side hustle, your business will consume a lot of your time. As such, it’s vital that you take the necessary steps to ensure that your time is used wisely. I find that working from home is a great solution, and timber offices and buildings from Vale Stables are ideal. I can enjoy the best parts of working from home without the distractions. In many cases, it will add value to your property too.


#3. You cannot do it all alone

Most business owners (self included) are guilty of trying to do too much. In truth, assembling a winning network of employees and outsourced services could make all the difference. Platforms like People Per Hour are great for hiring remote-based workers such as designers and writers. Meanwhile, you should ensure that your IT, security, and order fulfilment aspects are under control too. Many hands make light work.


#4. Your opinions aren’t as important as you think

As the owner of the business, your thoughts do carry a lot of weight and authority. Nonetheless, a little humility is vital, and you should know that the customers hold the key. It took me a lot of time to stay focused on the clients, but it’s the best thing I did. If you truly want to start achieving great things from day one, it’s essential that you put their needs first. Because if they’re happy, you’ll be happy too.


#5. It won’t all be fun and games

If you’re anything like I was, you’ll be thinking only about the fun aspects of running a business. In truth, a lot of your time will be spent doing things you don’t love – at least until you find others to do those things. Likewise, there will be a lot of worry about future stability. Using Quickbooks software will make things easier while automation in other areas is also vital. Even when it’s not fun, it’s better than working for someone else.

Building a successful business is hard work, but the opportunities are greater than ever. Moreover, the self-satisfaction and opportunity to be in charge of your destiny are rewards that cannot be ignored.

Business Realities You Need To Know

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