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Terms and Conditions:

Please note: any mention of the word (she) relates to Sarah Macklin Editing.


Sarah Macklin Editing is a UK proofreader sole trader, and will provide proofreading services as agreed upon in writing via email between Sarah Macklin Editing and her client(s). The Client is under no obligation to work with me, nor am I under any obligation to work with the Client. Any work required will be confirmed via email prior to work commencing and deposits paid. Any work agreed will be undertaken by Sarah Macklin Editing. I do no subcontract proofreading opportunities to any other companies or individuals. The Client will acknowledge that they have read these terms and conditions prior to any work starting.

Sarah Macklin Editing will confirm the follow prior to work commencing:

  • the total cost, and how it can be paid (please see payment terms below)
  • the date the project will be complete by
  • the date payment needs to be sent by
  • the way in which the project will be proofread, and what tools will be used

The fee and deadline can be renegotiated at any time she sees fit, within reason, i.e. if there is significantly more work required than first realised, or if the deadline needs to be extended for any reason. This will be confirmed with the Client beforehand so they can approve any changes in fee or deadline. Quotes are based on document samples which is why they may be subject to change. Sample edits can be completed by Sarah Macklin Editing free of charge, but only up to a maximum of 3 pages. She is able to request a sample from any section of the book as she wishes.



A quotation will be provided by Sarah Macklin Editing based on the sample document as sent by the Client. This quotation may be subject to change as the work progresses. The Client will pay me a fee as agreed upon prior to work commencing. This fee is non-negotiable unless the Client extends the word count or wants the deadline shortening. This will be approved by Sarah Macklin Editing when circumstances arise.

Sarah Macklin Editing requires a deposit of £100 before proofreading can begin. This is non-refundable. The only circumstance this is refundable is if Sarah Macklin Editing cannot complete the agreed upon work due to personal reasons. Once this deposit has been paid, the terms of cancellation will apply (please read below).

Sarah Macklin Editing requires payment before the Client’s proofread document can be returned, unless payment installations have been set up and agreed upon in advance. Sarah Macklin Editing will provide the Client with an invoice once proofreading is complete. Payment should be received within 30 days of the invoice being sent, as set out in the Late Payment of Commercial Debts (Interest) Acr 1998 — Amended and Supplemented in 2002. If Sarah Macklin Editing does not receive payment within the 30-day limit, a 10% late fee can be added to the invoice as Sarah Macklin Editing sees fit.

Sarah Macklin Editing can offer payment in 12-month or 24-month installations with 0% interest for this time. This will be confirmed prior to work starting and a direct debit will be set up by the Client to Sarah Macklin Editing’s bank account. 24-month payment installations is only applicable to work that costs over £1000. 12-month installation is available for any work under £999. An interest charge of 3% will be added after the agreed time period has come to an end.


Cancellation Policy

If the Client cancels prior to work commencing, Sarah Macklin Editing reserves the right to charge a % of the invoice as she sees fit. If the Client cancels during the project and Sarah Macklin Editing is more than halfway though the project, she reserves the right to charge 100% of the agreed upon fee. However, if Sarah Macklin Editing is less than halfway through, she reserves the right to charge 50% of the agreed fee.

Both the Client and Sarah Macklin Editing have the right to terminate a contract for services at any time if there is a serious breach of it terms.

If the Client cancels due to extraordinary or difficult circumstances, the Client should let Sarah Macklin Editing know as soon as possible to discuss the cancellation terms.

If Sarah Macklin Editing has to cancel due to extraordinary or difficult circumstances, she will try to arrange the work to continue in the future. However, if this is not possible, this is the only circumstance in which the £100 deposit will be returned.


Copyright Terms

Any content sent to Sarah Macklin Editing for the purpose of proofreading is owned by the client. Following payment completion, any content created by me as part of the proofreading process becomes copyright of the Client.



Sarah Macklin Editing will not share the work or content of the work with anyone else. The content will be kept confidential unless written permission has been obtained by the author of the work, the Client. Sarah Macklin Editing will not upload the Client’s files to external websites or pass any information on to third parties. This will stand unless authorised to do so by the Client.

Due to the terms of the Data Protection Act 1998, I may keep and retain information on the Client, as provided by them.


Quality Assurance

Sarah Macklin Editing abides by certain standards as set out by the Society for Editors and Proofreaders. Their standards provide a guideline for Sarah Macklin Editing. Please read the following blog post about proofreading errors. It outlines the standards Sarah Macklin Editing will stick to when proofreading a Client’s document.


Legal Jurisdiction

This agreement demonstrates that both the Client and Sarah Macklin Editing agree to submit to the jurisdiction of the English and Welsh courts.