I offer a variety of proofreading services at a budget to suit everyone.

It’s important for businesses to make a great first impression. Make sure there is no errors in your marketing paraphernalia by sending it to me first.

Want to finalise your novel and rid it of spelling mistakes and other errors? Send it to me and I’ll iron out the final creases.


  • Fiction Novels from £250
  • Non-Fiction Novels from £250
  • Student Essays and Dissertations for £15 per 1000 words
  • Websites from £50
  • Marketing Brochures and Leaflets from £12.50

Please note: proofreading is purely for checking spelling, grammar, typos, unnecessary repetition of words and punctuation.


Image of book and notepad with pencil with sharpenings on the desk - proofreader desk


Blog Content Writing

Do you own a blog but you’re going away and don’t have time to post? If you provide me with a schedule, I can write your posts for you! I can either write them as ‘you’, or write them as a guest post as myself.

I can write on a number of topics, just get in touch.



Done your wedding invitations and want them checking over? Done a presentation for work but might be embarrassed by typos? Send it to me, and I’ll fix it.


Wondering what I cost? View my prices.